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A Timeline of What to Expect when You Quit Smoking

Quit smoking timeline is a timetable listing the effects of quitting smoking in an organised manner and their duration. It consists of what to expect in the short run and long run after quitting smoking. According to this timeline, the first 20 minutes of quitting present symptoms like a reduction in blood pressure. Another symptom is the rise in body temperature. Monoxide in the cigarette reduces the amount of oxygen circulating in your blood. It is in this level that oxygen supply increases as the carbon monoxide level in the body reduces. After 8 hours of quitting smoking, your body carbon monoxide level will normally have returned to normal. This further increases your oxygen levels to normal. In 24 hours time, your risk of heart attack is gone. In 48 hours, your sense of taste and smell should be almost back to normal. Your appetite therefore is boosted and you can eat as normally. Between 2 weeks and 3 months, your blood circulation is back to normal.